For three generations, the Anselmet family has been producing great wines in the Aosta Valley.

True work in the vineyard, true work in the cellar: this is the principle that guides the Anselmet's pragmatic philosophy and allows them to grasp the majestic and ever-changing spirit of mountain wines.
Wine is practicality that transforms into the soul, it is the work of the hands that know how to reach the heart. It is staying between the rows in the morning at five that turns into a drink with friends. A discourse on the toasting of barrels that becomes wisdom.
Giorgio Anselmet
The Anselmet were pioneers in the rediscovery and enhancement of forgotten indigenous grape varieties such as Petit Rouge, Cornalin, Fumin, Mayolet, and Muscat. But they were also courageous spreaders of international vines, grown and vinified according to an authentic Aosta Valley spirit.

Maison Anselmet is pure dedication to experimentation and indomitable curiosity towards the most suitable winemaking techniques to enhance the character of Aosta Valley wines.

An artisanal vocation for research that has allowed this Villeneuve winery to trace the path to perfecting local viticulture, revealing to the world the infinite potential of the terroirs and vines grown along the Dora Baltea valley.

Completely manual work in the vineyard, careful choice of vines to be planted in the most suitable plots and a cellar capable of adapting and even overturning production techniques based on the characteristics of the wines.

Maison Anselmet testifies to the uniqueness of the wines of the Aosta Valley by interpreting each vintage as an unrepeatable event, which profoundly modifies the peculiarities of the wines, in which the indelible and exceptional voice of the mountain is always alive.

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