Il Giornale dei Comuni, LePrisonnier delights in the height


An unexpected article on LePrisonnier coming out on GdC

Here’s a very well-structured article on LePrisonnier: its origin, the path that made it more than its organoleptic characteristics.

Recently the historic vineyard has been expanded in two directions, on the one hand terraced with chestnut trunks for Increase the surface with the grapes in the historical vineyard. On the other hand, it has recovered a plot already cultivated with vines, but slightly overlooked by referring to the vineyard of the young Henri who started his activity in 2013 by setting up La Plantze, producing a couple of labels.

Fortunately, the frosts that characterized this early spring in the valley did not cause irreparable damage.

About twenty seedlings of the new vineyard were about to be replanted after a daytime walk through the vineyard. Now they will be a little bit more, but nothing compared to the damage caused by frost in Morgex vineyards in High Valley.


Il Giornale dei Comuni – Le Prisonnier

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