ViniBuoni d’Italia 2018: Chambave Muscat 2016 wins TheCrown (la Corona)

#ChambaveMuscat, @MaisonAnselmet, ViniBuonidItalia, Corona2017, #corona

The jury of experts awards our Chambave Muscat 2016 with the Crown of ViniBuoni d’Italia. It is also a pleasure to know that juries made up of journalists and wine lovers have confirmed the choices made by the jury of experts named by Touring in the section entitled “Today I Decide The Crown”.

#ChambaveMuscat, @MaisonAnselmet, ViniBuonidItalia, Corona2017, #corona
Vini Buoni d’Italia assegna Corona a Chambave Muscat 2016 di Maison Anselmet

In Buttrio, the work of the jury of ViniBuoni d’Italia 2018 by Touring was concluded.
Out of 26,000 samples received, 700 wines have reached the Finale (Italian native grape varieties as well as almost unknown vine varieties).

Anselmet. Chambave Muscat in purezza senza passaggio in #barrique.

Of the wines admitted to the final and blind-tasted, 491 reached the Crown, 1.88% of the total, while the remaining 209 are Golden Star. In total, about 26,000 samples were sampled from all Italian regions.

The award of the Crown was assigned by the three committees of ViniBuoni in Italy, where – during the finals – the regional coordinators were subdivided, but were excluded from voting on the vineyards of their own region.

With “Today I decide the Crown” to the coordinators were added the jury composed of journalists and wine lovers, who have tasted at the same time the same wines.

The project has received a strong interest among the public.

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