Tritagonista and our Chardonnay

The Aosta inhabitants have drawn the best from their historical conquerors and from their borders too. The Anselmet through the Swiss dialogue on Petite Arvine, with the French confronting on Chardonnay.

Owning hectares for the cultivation of vines, fruit and potatoes was widespread. Most of the inhabitants, however, thought of a subsistence economy. Few, really, had sensed the value of the earth. Renato is far-sighted. In 2001 he left the baton to his son Giorgio, and today they have a cellar that can be classified as excellence.
Twenty labels. Twenty nectars designed by/for those who work at Maison Anselmet.
And today even the nephew Henri can wander, create new aromas and give emotions because of this.
The Anselmet offer those who come to the cellar not only wine tastings, but also an access to their world, making them understand the essence.

Some sips move, like Chardonnay that would make Burgundy pale, the Torrette Superior expresses the combination with the recipes of the territory, Chambave Muscat is very particular, the class Pinot Noir is not a surprise.

Quality and Altitude: that’s the way – Spirito di vino

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Quality and Altitude. 2001 is tha date the Maison was founded, a corner stone of MaisonAnselmet, but the Anselmets refer to 1585 as starting date of wineyard’s acitvity. Chardonnay, Petite Arvine, Pinot Noir and lePrisonnier are results of this path.

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Quality and Altitude. Chardonnay, Petite Arvine, Pinot Noir and lePrisonnier are results of this path through wineyards and in the Cellar.

In 2001 the company was born but the craft of winemaker in Anselmet family dates back to 1585. A knowledge among the rows and in the cellar that is transmitted from generation through generation with unchanged passion.

The mountain has always been considered as a synonym for open spaces and freedom. But attending the mountain in a “sweet” way, without demanding what it can not offer, respecting what it can give us, is the first act of strong responsibility. An incipit that smells of warning to the simple ‘user’ of this landscape, but which instead wants to be strongly connected to a family of Valle d’Aosta, which has made environmental responsibility an indispensable dogma. A vigorous revindication, that of the Anselmet, which translates not only into an awareness of one’s abilities and limitations, but above all transforms into effective maturity. Yes, as the first sure track of an Anselmet winemaker is in 1585 with a contract to purchase a vineyard in Villeneuve. Since then, the commitment to cultivate the vine is handed down from generation to generation until the end of the ’70s.

Published by SpiritodiVino. December 2017.

Selection of the Mayor 2017 another gold medal

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Selection of the Mayor 2017 has seen participation of over 1100 labels from all over Europe. The Great Gold Medals reach 23 units.

The OIV’s Regulation, which governs the Mayor’s Selection, sets variable thresholds for both medals and minimum assignment scores. Once subscriptions have been closed, only 30% of the participating labels can receive a medal, this year they were 350. As a result, the number of medals also fixes the minimum value of the entry level medal.

Scores: 92 for the Golden Medal, 87 for Gold Medal, 82 secures the Silver Medal, 80 for the Bronze.

This year the label to which the last Silver Medal was awarded has received 86 points setting very high the award threshold. No Bronze medals and the number of Gold Medals exceeded that of the Silver ones. The qualitative level of the wines pssed through the screening of the International Commissions falls into the highest standards ever seen.

#chardonnay, #SelezioneDelSindaco, selezione del sindaco
Il logo de La Selezione del Sindaco 2017

Vallée d’Aoste Chardonnay élevé en fût de chêne Dop 2015, Gold Medal 2017

Maison Anselmet. Chardonnay in purezza con passaggio in barrique.

“With this background, I am very pleased to have reached the Gold Medal with one of the wines that I most fond of and that gave me enormous satisfactions year after year. – says Giorgio Anselmet.”. Our Vallée d’Aoste Chardonnay élevé en fût de chêne Dop vintage 2015 with a score of 87.20 confirmed results of all the competitions to which it has attended”.

“Next challenge is represented by the blend Sauvignon (40%) Viognier (60%) in amphora that my son, Henri, is experimenting in his own cellar, La Plantze, an activity he has recently started up with excellent results” concludes the co-founder of Maison Anselmet.

Commissioners have pretty appreciated the new wine evaluation system through a program managed by software. System is simple: in order to fill out the card, every commissar uses a touch screen, at the same time he has the ability to know in real time the outcome of his evaluation.

TUTTOFOOD: from restaurant to the clouds


TUTTOFOOD: trends of FOOD (by Ipsos)

Over 800 subjects aged between 18 and 65 representing the Italian population by gender, age, education and geographical area are evaluated by Ipsos for TUTTOFOOD.
The rediscovery of origins is indicated by 58% over innovation, although millennial prefer the latter (62%).

More outdoor than online

It is Still increasing the desire of restaurants, especially among in the Northwest, graduates and workers. Today, 40% of TUTTOFOOD interviewed spend lunch or dinner out in a restauant at least once a week (30% in 2015).
street food e online delivery are playing the role of main competitors of restaurants: 57% se the twos a replacement of restaurants.

TUTTOFOOD, #Chardonnay
Maison Anselmet. Chardonnay in purezza con passaggio in barrique.

The online seems to be ready to a significant growth: 73% of sample estimates that this year online food’s purchase will be comparable to sales in quality conventional shops. And 23% believes food daily purchasing will be significant on-line in the coming 2-3 years. Top hits in the ranking of purchasing will be referred to products difficult to find or easy to receive
Communication will keep strategic role of divulgating, mainly in products reviews (44%) or to driving to producers website to catch deailed pieces of information (42%).
2017 vs 2016 show a growth in the role of Reps and Distis.

Beloved guest, we cook fish for you, we drink a good glass of wine toghether

As an average, Italians spend 90 minutes in cooking, mainly focussed on dinners for guests at home. Preferred Primo piatto is Pasta with sea food 39%. Main course is still fish 48%, it is preferred versus meat 43%.

During these  events, white wines chosen to astonish friends are Pinot (31%) and Chardonnay (30%, ladies first choice). Desserts (tiramisu is as high as (38%) of preferrences), are with sparkling, sparkling, sparkling: Prosecco in NorthEst and among baby boomer, Metodo Classico for millennial (see Maison Anselmet Perlabruna to taste a 42 months on lees), Sweet Spumante is choosen by ladies.

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