Bibenda 2017 – The Awards


Saturday, November 19 in Rome the award ceremony Bibenda 2017, as announced Maison Anselmet saw assigned 5 grappoli to Le Prisonnier.

Bibenda 2017 – 5 grappoli assigned to Le Prisonnier.

This extreme wine has achieved over the years a quality that could be associated exclusively to larger labels. The different vintages as well as weather conditions are never the same, the temperature ranges, that vary from year to year, determine a wine showing different sensations in the nose and in the mouth, but it has never shown any downgrading of level.

A feature of the great wine tradition.
The blend of Petit Rouge, Cornalin, Fumin and Mayolet, associated with the aging in French barriques of different roasting and use, make round and uniform the different vintages.

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