PSR 2014 /2020 in VdA

Nel 2018, Maison Anselmet ha beneficiato dei sostegni previsti dal Programma di Sviluppo Rurale della Valle d’Aosta 2014/2020 per l’acquisizione di una macchina trattrice per lavorazioni in ...

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Salon des Vins

From April 20th through 21st 2018, we are guests of Duvernay for "Salon des Vins" in Saint-Pierre-en-Faucigny. A two days to enjoy a tour of wines from France and producers located at the foot of ...

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Tasting Le Prisonnier at Vinitaly 2018


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Through certificate Ecofriendly2018, Vinibuoni d'Italia, recognizes to Maison Anselmet the respect of ethical values of environmental sustainability. Ecofriendly2018 to Maison Anselmet is the ...

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LesFeuilleuses a pink vineyard

LesFeuilleuses, an established company in Aosta Valley's agriculture! For years now lesFeuilleuses, fast and flexible, expands more and more along the vineyards of Aosta Valley. A ...

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lePrisonnier awarded with “Tastevin2018” and “4viti” by AIS Vitae

Twenty-two wines have been awarded the Tastevin, a prize that AIS dedicates to the labels that year after year are better able to represent their own territory. The appointment with the best ...

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Vitae 2018 – “Quattro viti” award to Le Prisonnier

Vitae 2018 Guide assign "quattri viti" award to Le Prisonnier. Le Prisonnier riceve le quattro viti da Vitae 2018 Vitae 2018 Guide Awards. Le Prisonnier riceve le quattro viti da Vitae ...

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PetiteArvine 2016 – Slow Wine 2018 assignes “bottiglia” award

VdA Petite Arvine DOP 2016 awarded by Slow Wine 2018 with "Bottiglia" award. Slow Wine 2018 premia VdA Petite Arvine DOP ...

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#ChambaveMuscat, @MaisonAnselmet, ViniBuonidItalia, Corona2017, #corona

ViniBuoni d’Italia 2018: Chambave Muscat 2016 wins TheCrown (la Corona)

The jury of experts awards our Chambave Muscat 2016 with the Crown of ViniBuoni d'Italia. It is also a pleasure to know that juries made up of journalists and wine lovers have confirmed the choices ...

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Selection of the Mayor 2017 another gold medal

Selection of the Mayor 2017 has seen participation of over 1100 labels from all over Europe. The Great Gold Medals reach 23 units. The OIV's Regulation, which governs the Mayor's Selection, sets ...

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