This section should have been called InFamiglia and not Incantina considering there are almost all the wines dedicated to a member of Anselmet family, is a fact that members (and wines) can be found more often Incantina instead of at home.
In particular, you can try to look for a bottle of Bardas, there are only a couple of cartons of magnum hidden in a corner of the cellar known only to George. It is almost impossible to buy it, more likely that Giorgio offers a tasting.
A bit more accessible Perlabruna, a classic method with 42 months on the lees you do not expect, with a persistence and a complexity in the mouth unusual for a bubbles; it must be appreciate with great emphasis being dedicated to Mrs. Anselmet, Giorgio's wife!
A wine of overripe grapes: Arline in dedicated to the daughter of Anselmet, with an acid-sugar balance of rare balance. A son, Henri, and another daughter, Stephanie, are not missing, they too have a place inside French barrels (and not among French barrels)! To Renato, Giorgio has instead reserved a place among iGrandi.

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