The great wines - the four aces of the Maison
One above all, Le Prisonnier. A nineteenth-century wine that has established itself internationally despite a production of only a thousand bottles, Le Prisonnier's vines get benefit from double thermal range due to the fact they are trapped between two important rock layers.
Not to mention a great Pinot Noir, Semel Pater, that Giorgio Anselmet dedicated to his father Renato, a wine among the best in the world.
Chardonnay Elevé en fût de chêne has gained awards in all events to which he was invited and, last and not least, Petite Arvine Elevé en fût de chêne a Swiss native vine, from minerality and flavor so important that makes it seem more a wine at sea level than mountain one.
It's really a pity that the last label of the great wines, Bardas, is represented by just a couple of boxes are in a hidden part of the cellar. It was a celebratory production for Anselmet's grandfather that Giorgio produced just one year, an assemblage which recalls a great vintage of Amarone.

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