PSR 2014 /2020 in VdA

Nel 2018, Maison Anselmet ha beneficiato dei sostegni previsti dal Programma di Sviluppo Rurale della Valle d’Aosta 2014/2020 per l’acquisizione di una macchina trattrice per lavorazioni in vigna.
Ne ha tratto un significativo vantaggio in termini di riduzione dei tempi di lavorazione, di efficacia delle lavorazioni e di efficienza dei risultati.

Autorità di gestione: Regione Autonoma della Valle d’Aosta, Assessorato all’Agricoltura e Risorse naturali, Strutture Politiche regionali di sviluppo rurale.

Organismo responsabile dell’informazione: Maison Anselmet di Giorgio Anselmet.

Ecco una immagine di profilo della nuova star

ed anche una di fronte


Through certificate Ecofriendly2018, Vinibuoni d’Italia, recognizes to Maison Anselmet the respect of ethical values of environmental sustainability.

Ecofriendly2018 to Maison Anselmet is the result of the commitment to the realization of projects aimed at protecting territory and vineyards. Another key element is the implementation of plans to save energy and, last but not least, the production of wines that are respectful of the health and well-being of consumers.

LesFeuilleuses a pink vineyard


LesFeuilleuses, an established company in Aosta Valley’s agriculture!

For years now lesFeuilleuses, fast and flexible, expands more and more along the vineyards of Aosta Valley.


A hard-pressed reality with massive, almost exclusive, female presence that has talked itself in an article on laValleéNotizie
The ladies of the vines tell ourselves and show all of you their birth, their growth, their aspirations.

lePrisonnier awarded with “Tastevin2018” and “4viti” by AIS Vitae

Twenty-two wines have been awarded the Tastevin, a prize that AIS dedicates to the labels that year after year are better able to represent their own territory.

The appointment with the best Italian wines collected in the volume that AIS dedicates each year to its friends has been renewed.
Fifteen thousand labels representing more than two thousand wineries are told in the pages of Vitae 2018. A great job, carried out by a real army of tasters who tasted thirty-five thousand samples from across the Peninsula.

A tough selection, strictly blind, highlighted the further qualitative growth of wine in Italy.
Twenty-two wines have been awarded the Tastevin, a prize that the AIS assigns to the labels that year after year are better able to represent their territory, chosen among those awarded by the ‘quattro viti’.
A ranking that gets crowded, with average scores rising, stimulating taster engagement.

ViniBuoni d’Italia 2018: Chambave Muscat 2016 wins TheCrown (la Corona)

#ChambaveMuscat, @MaisonAnselmet, ViniBuonidItalia, Corona2017, #corona

The jury of experts awards our Chambave Muscat 2016 with the Crown of ViniBuoni d’Italia. It is also a pleasure to know that juries made up of journalists and wine lovers have confirmed the choices made by the jury of experts named by Touring in the section entitled “Today I Decide The Crown”.

#ChambaveMuscat, @MaisonAnselmet, ViniBuonidItalia, Corona2017, #corona
Vini Buoni d’Italia assegna Corona a Chambave Muscat 2016 di Maison Anselmet

In Buttrio, the work of the jury of ViniBuoni d’Italia 2018 by Touring was concluded.
Out of 26,000 samples received, 700 wines have reached the Finale (Italian native grape varieties as well as almost unknown vine varieties).

Anselmet. Chambave Muscat in purezza senza passaggio in #barrique.

Of the wines admitted to the final and blind-tasted, 491 reached the Crown, 1.88% of the total, while the remaining 209 are Golden Star. In total, about 26,000 samples were sampled from all Italian regions.

The award of the Crown was assigned by the three committees of ViniBuoni in Italy, where – during the finals – the regional coordinators were subdivided, but were excluded from voting on the vineyards of their own region.

With “Today I decide the Crown” to the coordinators were added the jury composed of journalists and wine lovers, who have tasted at the same time the same wines.

The project has received a strong interest among the public.

Selection of the Mayor 2017 another gold medal

#chardonnay, #SelezioneDelSindaco, selezione del sindaco

Selection of the Mayor 2017 has seen participation of over 1100 labels from all over Europe. The Great Gold Medals reach 23 units.

The OIV’s Regulation, which governs the Mayor’s Selection, sets variable thresholds for both medals and minimum assignment scores. Once subscriptions have been closed, only 30% of the participating labels can receive a medal, this year they were 350. As a result, the number of medals also fixes the minimum value of the entry level medal.

Scores: 92 for the Golden Medal, 87 for Gold Medal, 82 secures the Silver Medal, 80 for the Bronze.

This year the label to which the last Silver Medal was awarded has received 86 points setting very high the award threshold. No Bronze medals and the number of Gold Medals exceeded that of the Silver ones. The qualitative level of the wines pssed through the screening of the International Commissions falls into the highest standards ever seen.

#chardonnay, #SelezioneDelSindaco, selezione del sindaco
Il logo de La Selezione del Sindaco 2017

Vallée d’Aoste Chardonnay élevé en fût de chêne Dop 2015, Gold Medal 2017

Maison Anselmet. Chardonnay in purezza con passaggio in barrique.

“With this background, I am very pleased to have reached the Gold Medal with one of the wines that I most fond of and that gave me enormous satisfactions year after year. – says Giorgio Anselmet.”. Our Vallée d’Aoste Chardonnay élevé en fût de chêne Dop vintage 2015 with a score of 87.20 confirmed results of all the competitions to which it has attended”.

“Next challenge is represented by the blend Sauvignon (40%) Viognier (60%) in amphora that my son, Henri, is experimenting in his own cellar, La Plantze, an activity he has recently started up with excellent results” concludes the co-founder of Maison Anselmet.

Commissioners have pretty appreciated the new wine evaluation system through a program managed by software. System is simple: in order to fill out the card, every commissar uses a touch screen, at the same time he has the ability to know in real time the outcome of his evaluation.

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