TUTTOFOOD: from restaurant to the clouds

TUTTOFOOD: trends of FOOD (by Ipsos)

Over 800 subjects aged between 18 and 65 representing the Italian population by gender, age, education and geographical area are evaluated by Ipsos for TUTTOFOOD.
The rediscovery of origins is indicated by 58% over innovation, although millennial prefer the latter (62%).

More outdoor than online

It is Still increasing the desire of restaurants, especially among in the Northwest, graduates and workers. Today, 40% of TUTTOFOOD interviewed spend lunch or dinner out in a restauant at least once a week (30% in 2015).
street food e online delivery are playing the role of main competitors of restaurants: 57% se the twos a replacement of restaurants.

TUTTOFOOD, #Chardonnay
Maison Anselmet. Chardonnay in purezza con passaggio in barrique.

The online seems to be ready to a significant growth: 73% of sample estimates that this year online food’s purchase will be comparable to sales in quality conventional shops. And 23% believes food daily purchasing will be significant on-line in the coming 2-3 years. Top hits in the ranking of purchasing will be referred to products difficult to find or easy to receive
Communication will keep strategic role of divulgating, mainly in products reviews (44%) or to driving to producers website to catch deailed pieces of information (42%).
2017 vs 2016 show a growth in the role of Reps and Distis.

Beloved guest, we cook fish for you, we drink a good glass of wine toghether

As an average, Italians spend 90 minutes in cooking, mainly focussed on dinners for guests at home. Preferred Primo piatto is Pasta with sea food 39%. Main course is still fish 48%, it is preferred versus meat 43%.

During theseĀ  events, white wines chosen to astonish friends are Pinot (31%) and Chardonnay (30%, ladies first choice). Desserts (tiramisu is as high as (38%) of preferrences), are with sparkling, sparkling, sparkling: Prosecco in NorthEst and among baby boomer, Metodo Classico for millennial (see Maison Anselmet Perlabruna to taste a 42 months on lees), Sweet Spumante is choosen by ladies.

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